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Activity 1 includes the review of existing methodology and the development of a general evaluation model for transport projects. This activity is an input for the subsequent ones.

The project is divided into ten different activities:

Contenidos del Proyecto
Activity 9 which concludes the project, seeks to disseminate the results
Activity 8 refers to project results quality control. It relies on a scientific committee that will provide comments on project reports.
Activity 7 refers to several case studies that are evaluated following the methodology developed on previous activities
Activity 0 covers technical management and project coordination.
Actividaties 2 to 6 include a detailed analysis of some of the main current problems in the economic appraisal of transport projects: demand forecasting, costs estimation, externalities, equity and the territorial impact, institutional design and regulation of transport markets.
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Equipo de Investigación en Economía de las Infraestructuras y el Transporte

Seminar on the Economic Evaluation of Transport Projects